Crazy Froggy

Crazy Froggy free game to cross the road.You are a frog, or anything else, you need to find their way through the obstacles.

You will train your logic, learn to find bypasses quickly, and simply enjoy its colorful design.

You will have a several extra lives, which will help you to master the game. Besides, you will not get frustrated if you make a mistake, as you will have a chance to continue playing with another life!

Control the froggy by tappingit. Achieve goals, and collect coins and other different bonuses. Having collected enough coins, you will be able to buy another character to play with. There are 8 characters in the game to choose from, including a duck, a koala, a turtle, and others.

If you need to do your job at home or at school and you have no time to proceed with the game, you can pause it. The app also allows to turn sound effects off and to play in a silent mode.

A journey with a frog is not just a game. It is an educational app! It will help you to improve your attention, mental speed and visual memory.