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Blood Donor Directory allows you to search and request a blood type if you are in need. All you have to do is choose your blood type and enter the location of the hospital. Once information is attached, a notification will be sent to potential donors nearby.

Blood Donor Directory also allows you to enter your blood type in order to receive the notifications. Codefingers Technology specially made this application to grow awareness of blood donation between Indian Citizens.

Blood Donor Directory is a bridge between donors and patients to help you find or donate Blood!

Now, you have the power to make a difference in everyone’s life. You just have to make a
donation. Every donation helps save lives. And if you need Blood, search now for donors and get an instant help from members who are ready for donate.

Blood donor can select any specific date and location to donate blood and find a suitable person who needs blood. Connecting blood donors and needy reduces time which increases the
probability of saving lives and also removes the shortage of blood.

Features of Blood Donor Directory:

-Facility of Search Blood. Enter state,city and Blood group and get detail about member who is ready to donate blood.

-You can Add new member who is find or donate Blood.

-Facility of blood needer. Enter state,city and blood group and find the member who are ready for donate.

-Facility of Post Blood Request.

-Reminder facility. Donors can update their last donation date. Based on this, they will not be contacted by requester for a period of some time. After Completion, donor will be notified to remind him that he is healthy to donate!

-Find Blood bank detail like name,address,email id and website.

-View donation history to see how many lives you’ve helped save.

-Donor can contact the requester based on the instant notification he receives when a request is posted.

– Share it via Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter & more.

– Refer friends or family or co-workers who are eligible

– View Accepted and Referrals for Donation

How it works:

-First register in Blood Donor Directory.

-Add your relatives using Add members option.

-If you want to donate Blood then fill your details in Post Blood Request option.

-If you need blood then find the blood in People in Need Option

-Search the blood and get full details of member.

-Set reminder of last blood donation.

Codefingers Technology built Blood Donor Directory to cross-verify compatibility of blood group while receiving for donation and also keeps path of last donated date which can be modified by the recipient or the user himself.

Against the grow in the number of donors, blood remains in short supply during emergencies,
mainly attributed to the bulk of accessibility and information. We positively believe Blood Donor. Directory can overcome most of these challenges by efficaciously connecting users for blood donation.

The person in need will search blood, you will get notifications on your mobile through Blood
Donor Directory.

May your blood saves someone’s life.

2 Minutes + 400 ml BLOOD = 1 LIFE

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