Free Business Card

Ebusiness card designer is the business application which makes your business card in a few minute!!!

The best business card application used by thousands of people. Ebusiness Card Designer creates professional digital business card for your business. You can create, rescue and measure your business card. You can also create custom business card according to your need. This awesome application is developed by Codefingers Technology.

Ebusiness Card Designer used to create Business card which you can use as business contact cards as well as social networking cards to share with your clients or any business partners. Business Card Organizer helps you out by creating attractive and custom visiting cards, set what ever profile details you want, set your background, selecting from bulk of available visiting card themes and easily share with so many popular ways like Gmail, Whatsapp, Facebook and so many easy ways.

Ebusiness Card Designer is your Mobile Business Contact Manager which provides a easy way to create as well as exchange your contact information with friends or clients and stay in touch with them forever at no cost.

Ebusiness Card Designer removes the panic of looking for one business card once you had and lost it somewhere or forgotten anywhere in all your drawers, shelves, books, cars. Now all your business cards are stored at your Android device.

Ebusiness Card Designer is the perfect fit for those who have lots of business cards or who interested in business social networking.

How to use Ebusiness card Designer?
• Choose any card, color as background.
• Add texts like name, your company name, number, email address, website etc.
• Add some predefined symbol like mobile, email, website, location, facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc
• Save your business card to gallery or share to your business networks

How Ebusiness Card Designer Help.?

• Make your classify business card more and more.
• Printable business card showcase to your clients.
• Help you to control the quality of your brand, reduce time wasted in searching or rent freelancer designer.
• Ritual your mind, ritual your brand, Custom card and bring many materials for specialist in marketing communications.
• Ebusiness Card Designer can help you to create digital business card for your business networks. -You can also use for your digital identity and e-card.
• Ebusiness Card Designer help for better presentable, with an impression on your business partners and other social mates.

Features of Ebusiness Card Designer
• There are so many sample cards available.
• Easy way to create card from your smart phone.
• Can set effects on card.
• Can set background of the card.
• Can delete the text if need by editing.
• Share custom visiting card to social networks.
• A simple application which makes your business card in a sometime.
• Ebusiness Card Designer that motivate Your Mind and Save money of printing.
• An Classify vision for your brand.
• Best ways to build your online showcase.
• It contains varieties of available card themes that suits your business.
• It contains multiple no. of fonts that suits your personality.
• It helps in saving your details that you enter which can be instant next time.
• Card box section can be used to view Previously created cards, Received cards or Scanned old cards.
• Business Cards can be shared via Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail etc.

Having many contacts can make you feel a bit swamped. Riddle your contacts by groups, give them nicknames, or even create a group to aid your event. Stop worrying about people gathering all those business cards, they can just add the group of watsapp and share. All the business cards stored in their phone with just single click!