Object Detector

Discover Object Game is one of our best hidden object finding games with beautiful levels of all types ob objects which we use in our life like vegetables, fruits, candy’s, shoes etc and house interior images. The game have full of numerous little objects to search make it one of the best free hidden object games on Google play. It is a very challenging and addicting find hidden objects entertainment for kids and become a detector.

It is a very challenging and addicting find hidden objects full of entertainment for both kids and adults. Each game level can be played in easy mode, medium mode, hard mode and icon mode. In easy mode you are given ample time to search for the objects with full peace of mind. In medium mode its some difficult then easy mode to play. The hard mode is a time constrained mode which is a real challenge to test your visual skills to search all the stuff in a short time. Test your brain power by solving the levels in a object detector and uncover hidden objects. Are you intelligent enough to explore the hidden objects?

Game features:
* The game can be played in icon mode as well as text mode
* No Internet connection required to play our hidden objects games
* The text mode is especially good for kids for learning names
* There is also a hints system if you are unable to find an item
* A real hidden objects adventure game which is totally free and no in-app purchases
* Implemented the zoom feature with scroll ability, use the zoom button to magnify the image to see smaller items.
* Tested on all the famous android phones and tablets.