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Offshore Staffing

We are award winning recruiters with expert market knowledge and services. Our Offshore Staffing solutions cover technical, professional, and industrial recruiting and staffing. At offshore staffing we focus on finding the transparent as well as most dynamic ways to solve your staffing challenges and provide you your ideal candidate.

We build global candidate pools and have developed expertise across a range of offshore staffing. Hence, our offshore staffing service helps you attain your immediate and long term goals with calm and leave the clash behind.

Codefingers Technology always provide you well-qualified, highly skilled and professional employees.We bring together the right people as well as technology that you will add value to your business and deliver on your goals.

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Offshore Staffing Services Offered By Codefingers Technology Pvt Ltd

  • Technical Writing
  • System Analysis
  • Web Development and Design
  • Network Engineering and Administration
  • Technical Support
  • Product Reengineering
  • Project Management
  • Software/ Product Development
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Database Design and Administration

Why Hire Us For Offshore Staffing Services?

We are offshore staffing IT solution provider, we have a team of experts who acquiring competence in quality assertion and application testing, network engineering and administration, web design and development, mobile application development, product re-engineering, database design and administration and many more. The clients can audit and get in touch with the staff they have hired anytime, to track the evolution of work. We allow offshore staff to carry out the tasks directly under the client’s office system by using virtually protected encryption techniques, secured internet technologies, and private networks.

A dedicated team of Outsource software development is superlative for clients who have projects that have belittling considerations of scope and time. We hand out to your quality IT resources working offshore for your department just like an extension of your in-house teams. Our world-class facilities and infrastructure assurances your excellent staffing. By making good use of secured internet technologies, protected encryption methods, and virtual private networks, we allow offshore staff to work directly under the systems of your office. We make good use of web-based tools to execute projects, everyday jobs, and documents between your members and supervisors of the offshore team.

What Clients Expect From Us?

  • World-class IT services
  • A team of experienced IT professionals
  • Web-based project management tools to controls tasks and projects
  • High-quality IT outsourcing services
  • Smooth communication
  • Easy maintenance and support to the applications
  • Saves time on internal training and skill development

Tools & Technologies Used By Us For Offshore Staffing Services

In order to find the best possible nominees, you require a quick and advanced staffing partner. When working with us, you can be assured the best tools and techniques are used to provide the people and results you require. We leave no stone unturned when seeking out premium aspirants, and use today’s best technology along the way.

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  • Online Marketing
  • Associate referrals
  • Classified and online advertising
  • Mobile device communications
  • Direct marketing
  • Existing client referrals
  • Our own extensive network
  • Community referrals
  • Targeted advertisement
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