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App Store Optimization

ASO is the App Store Optimization which is the process of bringing your application on the high rank on the app store.

What makes ASO so important!

For the meaningful impact of your app ranking and overall success ASO is a must need tool.

Many of the publishers doesn’t invest more on the ASO, which shows impact on the application.

ASO has a great impact on downloads,reviews and ratings.

App Store Optimization process helps to improve the business, brand value, new customers & downloads from over 2 million mobile apps in the major app stores and Codefingers Technology helps you in your app store optimization with app development.

What our CEO says about ASO?

Mukesh Prajapati” says that ASO (App Store Optimization) it works on TRICKS-

How he relates TRICKS to ASO

Mukesh Prajapati” definition for TRICKS









Mukesh Prajapati Says……..

Now make your application successful with ASO. If you want to make your application a success application or success in games then follow the TRICKS. The most powerful tool used for ASO is the TRICKS. So get your success application and success games with Codefingers Technology TRICKS and increase your targeted audience. To get success application follow the TRICKS and also get the success application.

How TRICKS is so important for ASO According to Mukesh Prajapati !!!


Firstly comes the title. Title is the identity of your application. Its like ‘Your Title Your Identity’ Your title should be unique and the title should describe your app in one word

Gain more reviews with unique title.


Make your application strong with TRICKS and get more reviews on your application. Get more reviews on your application and get more users, downloads, ratings and targeted audience. “More Reviews More Audience


Your successful application or successful game must have a unique icon. Icon should be eye catchy. Your application icon must attract the visitors which makes them to download with your application. Icon of your application should be attractive and creative. Attract more users to your application with your unique and creatively designed icon.


Make a target audience according to the type of your application. Your audience will increase the visibility of your application on the Google play store or App store. The Customers depends on the type of application whether the application is for kids, teens or adults


Keywords the heart of ASO. Set your targeted keyword which will increase the search for your application for your users. Your keyword will show your position, your identity in the Google play store or app store.


One Straight View of your Application. Screen-shots helps the users to know about the application and how it will be beneficial for them. It will also give a view or instruction to the users how to use the application and the functionality of the application which will make them easy to understand the application and use the application.

Our CEO “Mukesh Prajapati” elaborates more tips for using TRICKS with ASO….

Make your success application or success game with the TRICKS saving your time and making the application cost effective. Codefingers Technology also gives you ROI providing you a success story for your success application or your success games. It is probably not at all expensive as you think.

Know About Codefingers Technology-

Codefingers Technology is the leading mobile development company which brings your mobile app with ideas into to the mobile application spaces. We help our client to come over with their long term and short term challenges. We are experts of Unity 3D development and are working on several web based and mobile gaming projects to our credit.

We commit to deliver complex enterprise level applications. Our team are passionate in mobile application development using unique designs and 3D effect. Considering the digital age and with the latest technology we deliver the right product to our clients at the given time.

We also have a much of our own application on the google play store where you can check the link below

Why Choose Us –

The 3 C’s of Codefingers Technology – “Creative Ideas, Creative Mind, Creative Technology”<

We have a huge development skill for application development and game development committing to convey an inclusive, innovative and intelligent with high scalable and cost effective application solutions. We assist to Quality, Time and Commitment. Our passionate developers are develop the applications or game enthusiastically making the application with ASO getting more users.

We can make your application as the best example for others using with our TRICKS and make a success application or success game

Want to know more about us

Codefingers Technology, get connected with our CEO ‘Mukesh Prajapati’ for more info and get more know more about TRICKS how he uses for the ASO of the application. Get experienced with us and develop your applications or game with us.

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